Battle Hymn of the Evangelical: Part 5

In my last post, I shared three reasons I liked being a firebrand conservative in college:

  • It gave a narrative to the world and my place in it.
  • It made me feel manly.
  • It let me feel different in a good way.

I also said I’d discuss each reason over the next several weeks. Then I didn’t update my blog for a month. I’ll admit my excuse–the birth of my second child–will seem flimsy to many of you. But now that the baby is settled and I’m getting almost enough sleep to function, I’m back to explain the first reason I loved being a college conservative.

This reason also happens to be one of my favorite words: narrative.

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The Evangelical Manliness Crisis(?)

Evangelicals are in a manliness crisis!

The problem permeates our whole view of Christianity, and we all know it. The evangelical church in America has become too–

My guess is half of you would say the church is too macho, and the other half would say it isn’t macho enough. Depending on the blog you read, the book that just launched, or the last guy you passed on the sidewalk, evangelicalism is either brimming with cavemen or castrati.

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