Did you grow up evangelical? Me too.

Did you become a cynical jerk who loved making fun of evangelicalism? Me too!

Are you tired of being a cynic, and do you want to appreciate your childhood faith, warts and all? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m a writer and lawyer with the perfect evangelical background—I’m a homeschooled graduate of an evangelical college, I come from a family of missionaries, and my dad is the CFO of Focus on the Family.

I’m also a recovering cynic.

Like many young people raised evangelical, I had a season where I thought I had become too sophisticated for my childhood faith, and loved mocking it.

This blog is part of my journey back.

Here are some of my blog goals:

  • To explain why people like me become cynics
  • To help everyone get through their cynical seasons. This includes both the cynics themselves, and their worrying parents.
  • I won’t whitewash evangelicalism, or present it as a Norman Rockwell utopia. Instead, I’ll be clear-eyed in evaluating both its strengths and its flaws.
  • The people I’ll be harshest to are the pompous jerks who think they know everything. That’s because I’ve been that pompous jerk.
  • I’ll take ideas seriously. But I’ll try not to take myself seriously.

You should know I have other interests too. These include the arts, literature, alternative history, and actual history. I also have a not-entirely-ironic love of Bigfoot. But I’ll only blog about this other stuff occasionally.

I usually post two times a week–maybe three if it’s lighter in the lawyer world. Because I’m sure you’re terrified of missing any of my posts, I’ve made it easy to subscribe on RSS or email with a link on the footer of this webpage.

Other Writings

I’m a quasi-regular contributor at Fare Forward. This is an excellent site you should all read. My writing there includes:

I’ve also been a contributor for Slate:


To borrow a phrase from the Apostle Paul, I was born an evangelical of evangelicals. I grew up in Colorado Springs–the Vatican of evangelicalism. My mom homeschooled me until high school, and my dad is the CFO of Focus on the Family. My extended family is brimming with missionaries, pastors, and seminary professors.

I went to John Brown University, a college founded by an evangelical radio preacher. But during my junior year, I was a visiting student at Oxford University, and learned all about taboo evangelical subjects–evolution and patristics, beer brewing and Democratic politics.

This (useful) information, coupled with a growing conviction that I was more sophisticated than my evangelical family, turned me into a cynical jerk.

After college, my plan was to get an MFA from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and write snooty short stories about alienation. But my plan failed at a critical step: actually getting into the Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

So I decided to become a “bohemian” “writer.” But after two years of typing anti-evangelical rants in my parents’ basement, I realized it might be nice to make money for my work. So I finally took my dad’s advice and applied to law school.

I got accepted at Yale Law School, which seemed to view me as their token evangelical. Before graduating, I became the Submissions Editor for the Yale Law & Policy Review, and was a research assistant for a senior editor at Slate. More importantly, I got married to my wife, Danielle.

And somewhere along the line, I decided to stop being a cynical jerk and to appreciate my evangelical heritage. I’d tell you more about how this happened, but that’s what the whole blog is about…

Danielle and I and our two sons live in Colorado Springs, where I’m an associate with Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, and we’re members of International Anglican Church. When I’m not writing or lawyering, I follow the Denver Broncos and Tottenham Hotspur, play pickle-ball, host the Anselm Society podcast, and go on jogs with my manic Aussie, Scout.

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